Website: Hickman’s Family Farms

A large multi-location agricultural business has particular requirements for their website. However, many features are applicable to any business. Here are a few quick features employed in the Hickman’s Family Farms website:

Responsive Layout
The Hickman’s Family Farms’ website is designed to change layout and format when viewed on different devices: desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This is called “responsive” layout.

Video Intro
Initial view of website is designed to have a special landing page video intro. Special landing page is only shown at first entry onto website. It can be bypassed immediately using the down arrow icon at bottom of screen. Mobile devices are redirected immediately to the home page.

Utility Pages
Non-marketing utility pages: Navigation for Compliance Statements, Press Room and Employment Applications is at the very top to be easily found and to permit direct access.

Egg Products – There is one page per product. We set-up a Sales Department “dashboard” access for editing and maintenance to update the products. Customers can view product details on the website or convert the product page to PDF format for downloading.

Interactive Sales Map
Sales Map provides a visual representation of the company’s sales regions. Clickable contact information is provided for sales representative of each region.

Social Media News Stream
The Hickman’s Facebook timeline feed is placed in the right column of the homepage. The most recent Facebook posts are rendered in a format that are easily indexed by search engines. This search engine enhancement improved content search penetration.

Contact Form
Contact message form has built-in spam security. New messages are emailed automatically to customer service as well as entered into a secure database.

Sign-up Form
Sign-up for newsletter is handled the same as the contact message form. Entries into the Sign-up form is sent via email as well as entered into mailing list database and checked for duplicates.

Recipes are setup in a database and automatically made available to all search engines in the form of a Recipe Card and makes recipes AND hRecipe compliant for maximum coverage by search engines. Recipe photo, and recipes components will be picked-up in Google Recipe Search listings.

Employment Applications
Employment applications will be able to be filled out online and submitted to eliminate the need to print, fill-out, copy, then mail or fax. It streamlines the application process for both the company and the applicant. The application is immediately automatically emailed to the company. But, as an option, the older print, fill-out, copy, then mail process is still available.

Search Engine Optimization
All text content feeds are compliant for submission to search engines. Additional search engine software extensions have been added to increase search engine visibility to highest possible level.

Traffic Monitoring: All traffic is monitored to detect security threats.
Blocking: Installed software to systematically block IP addresses and networks based on a comprehensive database of known website attackers, aggressive crawlers, scrapers and bots.
Scanning: Several times a day, all core and theme files are scanned and matched to the repository file versions. Modified files that may be detected are repaired and returned to their true form thus eliminating any attempted security breach. Content files are scanned against over 44,000 known malware variants.

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February 16, 2016