The website for the Arizona Association of Crime Analysts is a membership website where members of different levels get association news and share information. Priority was placed on automated membership functions, automatic notifications and website security.

Association Membership Functionality
Three different levels of membership. Members of a specific membership level can login and access secured pages or content targeted for that membership level only. Higher level members can access multiple levels of content.

Membership Application
Users can apply or members can renew their membership with an applicable online form and make payment with PayPal. Notifications are sent to the association administrators regarding any application or payment. Membership is granted after a review by an association administrator.

Membership Directory
Logged in members have access to a directory of members along with each member’s profile and contact information. Member level with directory access privilege can download complete directory in CSV data format.

Events Calendar with RSVP functionality
Events can be posted and maintained on an event calendar. Selected events listings are accessible by members only.
Used to organize seminars, speaking events, or meetings. Events can be setup to follow a recurring schedule, such as First Monday or Every Friday. Notifications can be emailed to members. Members RSVP via a form on the event page. On the event page, members can view the running number of accepted RSVP responses and list of attendees. Administrator can download reports in CSV data format.

Email Newsletter creation and broadcasting
Integrated newsletter creation and layout. List Management for sub groupings of members with custom system email notifications. Create regular email newsletters with drag-and-drop email designer. Ability to have email newsletters generated automatically when a new post is created. Option for automated “welcome emails” for new members. Newsletter distribution can be segmented to various member levels. Newsletters can be scheduled to be sent at a specific time and date. Recipient open statistics & information: See “opens”, “clicks” and “unsubscribes” for each newsletter. Create lists of members by who opened, clicked on any link, or unopened in your newsletter.

Traffic Monitoring: All traffic is monitored to detect security threats.
Blocking: Installed software to systematically block IP addresses and networks based on a comprehensive database of known website attackers, aggressive crawlers, scrapers and bots.
Scanning: Several times a day, all core and theme files are scanned and matched to the repository file versions. Modified files that may be detected are repaired and returned to their true form thus eliminating any attempted security breach. Content files are scanned against over 44,000 known malware variants.


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Custom website administration interface for client. Features include the following:

  • association member database management
  • customized access levels for different administrators
  • built-in video tutorials for administrators on admin dashboard
  • dynamic application and contact form management
  • integrated email newsletter creation module for creating email blasts to all or selected members
  • event sign-up and RSVP management to keep track of members attending events
  • system reports via email to administrators regarding applications, renewals, payments and event RSVP
  • create customized welcome emails to new member applications for different membership levels
  • frequent automatic website/database backups