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    Author Irmgarde Brown is launching her new book, Sister Jane.
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    SereyJones Publishers, Inc. updated their status.
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    New Release from SereyJones ...
    Sister Jane by Irmgarde Brown.
    "All her life, Jane believes she is small-town ordinary. . . until she isn’t. Some people brand her a witch because of the cat while others believe she has a demon. Her family thinks she’s ready for the nursing home, and the down-and-out reporter assumes she’s a fake. But nobody, including Jane, can figure out how she does it: heal the sick. All the sick. All the time. Is it a gift of God? The Church is divided. Then, everything erupts when the foreigners arrive along with the government people and the scientists. Will Jane become a pawn or save herself?"
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    Natalie Stahl is what I call a "natural" writer. Her words always have impact, as is evidenced in her book Aisles for Miles: My Years as a Nuptial Concierge/Wedding Doula.  Her writer's blog contains this jewel.
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    Author Tom Franklin (Leadership: Where Busikness Ethics Begin) presents an enlightened view as to how social media could work, but doesn't.
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    The important thing is to write. Get those words committed to either paper or something digital -- even your phone. Editing can come later. Your ideas are precious.
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    Next to a good editor, somebody who can keystroke is prized by a writer.
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    At least he knew to ask!
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    About that book you've been carrying around in your head...It wants out.
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    Don't ever give up on your writing!
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    A few well-chosen words can be powerful.
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    Every writer waits in silent agony for a rejection like this.
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    Shakespeare wrote "King Lear" while in isolation.  Keep calm, and write something down.
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    This is a perfect description of the creative process. However, sometimes a deadline has to be inserted into the middle of everything. That's called "being professional."
    75 weeks ago June Holland 1
    Boy does this describe Audrey Hickman to a T!
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    June Holland Best under pressure!
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    E-book or physical book? You may be surprised to hear that for most, old school print on paper still wins. CNBC's Lucy Handley reports.
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    I didn't get my Thesaurus Day cards mailed out this year.
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    The power of punctuation.
    82 weeks ago Christa Van Zant Holden 1
    Commas are so important and so misunderstood.
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    Christmas is engagement season. However, nobody needs another user's manual for perfect wedding planning. What anybody will enjoy if they're thinking about putting together nuptials, either plain or fancy, is a collection of humorous reflections and anecdotes peppered with both laughter and practical advice.  Author Natalie Stahl recalls memorable events and hard-to-forget moments in her candid portraits of some of the diverse people married in her venue. She offers practical suggestions and "life happens" wisdom that can be adapted by any configuration of marrying couple, and shrugs at traditional wedding etiquette when it conflicts with common sense. Find Aisles for Miles: My Years as a Nuptial Concierge/Wedding Doula on Amazon at