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    Irmgarde Brown is writing a sequel to Children in the City of Czars. She is a wonderful storyteller, who writes from a position of insight and understanding.
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    When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
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    The Cloudflare lava lamps are used for Internet encryption. Learn about entropy in cryptography and why randomness is essential for SSL encryption.
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    Why does a graphics display card with a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) have anything to do with processing data? I thought the computer's CPU (Central Processing Unit) solely handled data processing.
    4 weeks ago SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
    This all came about as I was looking up components I will need to setup a private AI server. Up until now, like everyone else, I have just been using an AI cloud service.
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    As an editor, I have waded through thousands of pages of similar prose. As a writer, I try to avoid creating stuff like this.
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    Some writers have fought to use the words we can use freely. Why aren't we?
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    Have you read Irmgarde Brown's latest book?
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    The book is ALWAYS better. Remember that!
    23 weeks ago Michael J. Hoogendyk 2
    Zac Hoogendyk, Kasey Campbell
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    Created two print billboards and one digital billboard for The General Patton Museum in Calif.
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    If you're kid's a writer, beware...
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    Irm Brown is a masterful storyteller. We are pleased to be her publisher.
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    Irmgarde Brown is a masterful storyteller. Her latest book is riveting.
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    This little cartoon, although funny, is also sadly true. As a writer, I know for a fact that I would never have pursued a creative career had not a couple of supportive teachers urged me on.
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    This is much more true than is comfortable to admit.
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    I embrace change, including technology and all that it offers. However, discernment and the ability to judge are provinces of human beings. Compassion belongs to the human heart.
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    Here's a recent interview with one half of our creative team.
    92 weeks ago Buffy Naylor 1
    This is great!!!
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    Some amazing news from author Irmgarde Brown. We congratulate her.
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    Ever wonder why some would post:
    "Add these numbers together..."
    "What was your first car..."
    "Fish names containing the letter 'a'..." They are using a lazy method to improve their "Edge Rank" algorithm. And unfortunately, it works. They can get thousands of responses especially when people see their friends have answered the question. The Edge Rank Formula is:
    Rank = Affinity x Weight x Decay (see formula below) Other less sleazy methods of improving Edge Rank are:
    1. Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page (Helps Affinity)
    2. Post Great Content (Helps Affinity & Weight)
    3. Encourage & Respond to FB Messages (Helps Affinity)
    4. Post Visually Appealing Content (Helps Weight)
    5. Post Questions & Fill-in-the-blanks (Helps Weight)
    6. Ask for Likes, Comment & Shares (Helps Weight)
    7. Plan your Posts
    First thing in the morning between 6-8am
    During Lunch time 11am-1pm
    After "work" hours 6-9pm.
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    Writing a book is a great first step. Then comes everything else.
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    Author Irmgarde Brown is on the road with her riveting new book, Sister Jane.